Lisa Herr

As an artist for JACS Lisa brings her passion for high-energy performance, fresh designs and project management to every event she is a part of.


Tessa Cecilia

From her alluring presence to her talents in costume creation Tessa embodies what it means to be and build a JACS Artist.





The Artistic Director

Amy Brunner

The Task Master

Christi Fiara

The Suit

Jonnis embodies Las Vegas entertainment in both its classic glory and its emerging

modernization. His vision keeps JACS at the forefront of the theatre and nightlife

industry, and his love for the arts makes every project a family affair.


Amy’s no nonsense but compassionate approach to entertainment has empowered

her to co-manage the dancers and details of JACS. She works alongside the creative

team to constantly develop new and innovative costume designs and keeps a level of

organization and harmony within the edgy, eccentric, and ever evolving world of




Christi is known for her problem solving abilities, integrity, and encouraging vibe.  Her extensive experience in entertainment , behind the scenes and onstage, have led her to work with some of the best in the business . She enjoys every opportunity to  perform with, share, support and co-manage all the endeavors of JACS .



Our Story

“A Past We Just Can’t Hide”


JACS Innovating Entertainment, LLC was founded in 2009 by fellow entertainment buffs Jonnis, Amy and Christi.

 The JACS story started in Atlantic City, New Jersey, ten years prior to when it was fully established.  Jonnis and his six siblings, all dancers and entertainers, decided to make a move from Vancouver, Canada to the United States to start a new journey with their family owned company, T Troupe Productions.  Together, their dream was to entertain and perform for all audiences around the world.  It was Atlantic City where Jonnis and his family met Amy Brunner, where she was dancing with The Atlantic Contemporary Ballet Theatre. The beginnings of a great partnership and friendship were born when Amy began training and performing with Jonnis in A.C. and Philadelphia.  Although the timing was different, they found their way to Las Vegas, Nevada to pursue even bigger dreams.  By 2006, Jonnis, Amy and the whole Tannis family were living and performing in Las Vegas.  Maybe it was the flashy neon lights, or all of the incredible yet seemingly un-showcased talent, or even the intoxicating nightlife, somehow it felt like Vegas was their kind of place.   So, with the Artistic direction of Jonnis they formed a performance company.  Immediately, it started a buzz and the company attracted some of the most talented dancers from Vegas & LA to be challenged in this eclectic group.


One of those dancers turned out to be Jonnis’ former boss, Christi Fiara.  They met while working on “Iron Beats”, an urban show touring China in 2005 where Christi was the Production Manager.  Jonnis was a lead in the show, and Christi, a seasoned dancer and specialty performer who had been touring the world, was inspired by Jonnis’ creativity.  When back in Vegas, she became a mainstay of the company, sharing her balancing and aerial expertise with the group, while finding a creative outlet to thrive in. The company was about more than just dancing, the group would spend hours training and even found themselves together during downtime, debating ideals about entertainment.  After performing, working and producing many events together, it became clear that Jonnis, Amy and Christi had Synergy.




"We truly love what we do and after years of experience we can confidently say, you will too!"


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